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1940 - 1949

PP 170

Play 137

LT 32

21 - 22 February 1947
Our Lady With The Basket
Ruth Dodds
Synopsis not available
Drama, 1-Act. First Performance Of A New Play.
British Drama League, Northumbrian Divisional Festival (21 Feb) followed by North Eastern Group Final (22 Feb).

PP 171

LT 33

18 - 22 March 1947
The Doctor's Dilemma
George Bernard Shaw
An eminent doctor must choose between treating a morally bankrupt but incredibly talented artist or a poor, honest but slightly dull doctor friend.
(Previously produced in 1927)

PP 172

Play 138

LT 34

25 April 1947
At 'The Coach And Horses'
Anthony Armstrong
Synopsis not available.
Unknown Type, 1-Act.

PP 173

Play 139

LT 35

13 - 17 May 1947
The Little Foxes
Lillian Hellman
Wealthy brothers plan to build a textile mill, but their sister's husband refuses to put up money to ensure family control over the business.

PP 174

Play 140

LT 36

15 - 19 July 1947
The Silver Cord
Sidney Howard
A domineering matriarch sets about wrecking her eldest son's marriage and sabotaging her younger son's engagement.

PP 175

Play 141

LT 37

22 - 23 July 1947
The Intelligent Toymaker
Marjorie Laws
A master toymaker, able to construct living toys, comes up with a special creation that has the power to grant a wish.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Three Plays For Young People".

PP 176

Play 142

LT 38

22 - 23 July 1947
Maid To Order
Marjorie Laws
A magician creates a perfect woman for one of his customers, but finds that even perfection can become boring after a while.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Three Plays For Young People".

PP 177

Play 143

LT 39

22 - 23 July 1947
The Prince's Page
Marjorie Laws
A wayward princess returns to take her place at court to the surprise of all, not least the rebellious prince who wants to be a farmer.
Drama, 1-Act.
"Three Plays For Young People".

PP 178

Play 144

LT 40

23 - 27 September 1947
This Happy Breed
Noel Coward
A working-class family in Clapham handles marriage, separation and sorrow in the years between 1919 and the Second World War.

PP 179

Play 145

LT 41

4 - 8 November 1947
The Day Of Glory
Herbert Ernest Bates
An RAF squadron leader is lauded for his achievements during World War II, but tragedy hits when he is killed in action over Germany.

PP 180

Play 146

LT 42

16 - 20 December 1947
My Neighbour
Alida L Richardson
In a small-town meeting room, a group of citizens discuss the importance for people to have mutual respect for one another.
Drama. First Performance Of A New Play.

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